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Smart city assets will determine residential rankings of tomorrow

Location, location, location. You may have heard this mantra when it comes to the value of real estate. The popular credo will come to new honours in the age of digitalisation of our regions, cities and neighbourhoods. And what's more, the popularity scales and rankings of German residential cities are being reopened. Those who already want to enjoy the advantages of smartified living and working environments in Germany may not only find what they are looking for in the metropolitan cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne.

February 2020

It is also in large and medium-sized cities in Germany where homes are already being installed providing their residents with features that meet the demands for resource efficiency, climate-friendly transportation, energy concepts and connected digital services. The Smart City Ranking 2018 published by German major economic newspaper Wirtschaftswoche at the end of 2018 shows cities like Bonn, Cottbus, Darmstadt, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hanover, Leipzig, Wolfsburg and Wuppertal in first places in terms of intelligent energy supply, traffic control and smart home systems.

From adaptive street lighting and controlled parking guidance systems to energy monitoring in buildings and real-time data centres for the evaluation of further measurement parameters such as UV index, particulate concentration in the air and noise pollution as well as for emergency messages: The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) systems is only a small further step in this direction.

The Frankfurt Building Technologies events are estimated publicly as the leading trade fair hotspots for building technology. They form a network for the digitalisation of residential and functional buildings and the integration of technologies for the purpose of smart urban areas. They address all professional decision-makers in procurement, planning, installation, technical application and further development. As a competent partner for innovative events, we not only follow the market, but we move it: together with our exhibitors, visitors and partners.

Read on to learn more about how today's level of digital connectivity will determine tomorrow's real estate rankings

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